media center remote will not change volume on computer anymore

my media center remote will not change the volume of my computer anymore , also the volume buttons on my keyboard also do not work. i am fairly certain the a registry error or a service or policy error, but i am lost as how to re-enable them. the remote works fine otherwise and so does the keyboard thank you for you time and effort.

windows 7 x64 i5-2310 12 gig ram remote model number 1039 keyboard Microsoft wireless 6000
system is fully up to date.


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Well, normally such a thing like a keyboard special keys is handled by a keyboard driver. I have a Bluetooth 6000 keyboard and it seems to work OK. Looks like two drivers loaded, kbclass.sys and kbdhid.sys. I do not believe this keyboard uses the iType software, but it is loaded (I do have another, non-wireless keyboard).

The fact your remote doesn't work would seem to be related to the keyboard situation.

You have, of course, checked your batteries. Can you adjust the volume of your speakers using the speaker volume or the speaker icon in the system tray?

Do you see a volume bar on the screen when you hit a volume key on the keyboard? Can you mute the speakers?

Does your system use a mixer other than Windows? For instance, mine has a Realtek mixer.

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