Media Play 12 Cannot Find Libraries for one user


I actually fixed this problem while writing this, fix at the bottom!

I have got Windows 7 Ultimate installed on a laptop. Everything works fine except for Media Player 12. I have two log ons, one for me (Admin rights) and one for the kids (standard user). They kids can open Media player 12 and access all the shared music etc in the Public folders. I cannot. The folder is included in MP12 but it still can't see it. If I make any change to the libraries added in MP12 while logged on as me, the changes revert as soon as I exit MP12.

It tried this...
You cannot view, add, or delete items in the library in Windows Media Player 11
...didn't work.

Tried a few other things but just after typing this I created a new Admin user and MP12 was fine for that user. Something tiny must have been wrong with the profile - hate that, nothing else was affected.

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