Media Player 12 Corrupted - HELP PLEASE !!!

Hi Guys , New To The Forum So Not Even Sure If I'm In The Right Place With This One ! Been Having Problems With My Media Player Not Adding or Deleting Music So Did a Scan Which Told Me That It Was Corrupted . Does Anyone Have Any Idea How I Can Go About Resolving This Please - Would Appreciate Any Help (Keeping Things as Simple as Possible Please - I'm From Yorkshire !!!!) Thanks Peeps :waah::waah:

Hello there and welcome to the forum! :)

Have you tried re-installing Windows Media Player 12? Sometimes an installation can become corrupted during the actual installation process... Also, a couple of good alternatives to WMP are VLC Media Player (available for free), and Winamp (also available for free).. Both of these media players have very good file support and both are very customizable.. Something to think about..

If you would rather just stick with WMP 12 then I would suggest trying to re-install it and hopefully that will solve the corruption issue for you.. ;)

Thanks Radenight , It Came Pre-Installed On My Computer So No Prob With Installation , Any Ideas On How To Un-Install/Reinstall Safely ? Tried Googling But It Sent Me All Over The Place !! Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated !

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