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Please help!!!! Media Player12 is not working properly. All drivers are up to date and windows says all should be working. Have 32 bit Dell Home Premium desktop. Seems the E drive is unable to read any disc I put in. I get pop-up saying insert media. I have tried store bought CDS and DVDS and still won't play them! It will Only Play the songs showing in the library. Seems it's unable to READ THE DISC!!!! Also tried to burn and tried different types of CD-ROM blank discs and won't burn either. I'm not PC savvy, so hoping someone here with the expertise can help me with this issue. Also tried the Microsoft FIX IT. Still no help! Maybe something with setting but unsure, as all worked fine till other day had the Motherboard and Main power source replaced. If anyone can help I'd be so grateful! Also please give me easy how to's as not that familiar with PC terminology. I've been searching forums for days now to no avail. Heard there are more knowledgeable people here so hope someone can PLEASE HELP!!!!!


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If you had the motherboard replaced, there is a possibility of a bad connection.

If you used the FixIt, I believe it checks for the Upper or Lower filter situation.

Do you have any other (non-Windows) software related to burning or playing media?

If you changed Motherboards, is the E: drive still the E: drive? Maybe during the change, it was given a different drive letter.


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I'm with Saltgrass on this, it seems like more then likely that something physical happened when you had the motherboard replaced.
I would try unplugging it and plugging it back in and see if it makes any difference.

Does the light come on on the drive?

Does the drive show up in Windows Explorer?

Is the drive activated in the Bios, new motherboard, it may have been changed somehow.