Media Player and Center - No Items in library

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Build 6.1.7100 Build 7100
AMD 6400 4gigs of RAM

Problem: WMP 12 or Meida Center will not locate media files. WMP 12 , Music -> manage library -> nothing happens, no dialogue box, nothing. All I see is "There are no items in your music library Click Music then manage libraries to include folders in library" But following those instructions produces nothing, nada, zilch! a real circle jerk.
Windows MEdia Center just reports no music files.
History: I store my music/media files on a seperate partition than the OS. This has worked well with past OS's. I have tired a lot simple stuf like changing permissions, adding users and even unistalling/installing the media programs. Also there is no chatter anywhere about this problem anywhere on the internet which I find strange that out of the world, I am the only one having this probeem (never happened before - if I had a problem, someone else did too)

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I have the exact same problem, did you find a solution in the mean time?

Solution was to reinstall W7 and NOT change the logical drive lettering (D to E and E to D). Evidently W7 did not like it when I switched letter on the logical drives. But now it works fine, I just have to remeber my data is on E:

Thanks for your quick reply. I'm afraid your situation is a bit different to mine. I have 1 harddrive in my pc and just a C:// partition. All my files are on my homeserver. I don't know what to change to my drive lettering because the c drive name is standard.

uhmmmm, when I was researching my problme I saw a lot of chatter about homeservers - so keep a looking

I too store my music on a separate drive. In Start Menu, I changed the properties of Music to include my folder with the music on it (E:\Music).

At first everything went well, but then I started to "tidy things up." I went to Start again, and found that the folder C:\Users\[Username] was still showing alongside my folder E:\Music, so I deleted it :mad:

Shortly after that, I went to WMP 12 and the Library had vanished. When I tried to manage Library, nothing happened. I went back to the Start menu and reinstated the folder C:\Users\[Username] and the Library started rebuilding itself. I also have full control of the Manage Library again.

The answer might therefore be to ensure the C:\Users\[Username] folder is listed in the Start-Music menu item :confused:

I have the same problem, and my music files are stored 'on' my C drive. They are in the default iTunes folder. I copied them over when I had to re-install Windows 7 recently (after a power outage killed my hard drive, and I needed to do it some day anyways, as I was running the RC).

The folder is properly added, yet it says I have no files. I see the files out there, iTunes sees the files, my neighbor can probably see the files, but Media Player can't see the files.

Starting to feel like the girl in the commercial with the box of stuff looking to go hang out with Justin Long at this point :(

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