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I just got Windows 7 last night from the Houseparty as I am a host, I installed it last night as well and attempted to get it all back to normal. Everything flows beautifully except one snag, my music. I do have 3 different hard drives (one 1TB, 1 250gig, and 1 80gig) all of my music is stored with a few other things on the 250, i did the typical click and drag to add all of it and it went through it normally, however afterwards as I was seeking through it I noticed that only about half of it was there. I have about 20,000 songs which is a bit much I know but it is neccessary. Some of my folders do have pictures and documents and all sorts of other file types in the folders and I don't know if that is a problem. If I add the music directly from the .MP3's it works usually but if I just add the folder containing all their sub folders which then contain all the .MP3's it continuously fails.

Any help is appreciated!

I have the same problem. In my case all music ist stored on one handdrive and in many subfolders, which only contain music.
There are 27'000 mp3, which WMP has to add to the media library. When I check the number of files, which are in the library, he tells me, 27k. But when I search for a specific album, he can't find it.
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Was all you music put on the drive the same way? Are the files physically on the drive and WMP just can't see them?

Don't know, but maybe you need another codecs or some of your music is proprietary.

The music is allright. I played it on XP and the WMP didn't have any problems.
Yes, the whole music is on the same drive and WMP should be able to access it.

Found something special^^

Hey Folks
I found the missing files. When I marked all music files in the media library the showed the correct number of files. I was confused and scrolled around and found a large number of files under unknown artist, album, year etc. I searched for a specific file and it was there, but without the tag just with the file name.
I checked the the ID3tags and compared the to files, he added correctly, but I couldn't find a difference. The ID3 format was the same.
I hope someone has a good idea and I am going to think about it, too.
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