Media Streaming

Hi there,

I am looking to stream media from my PC to my phone or TV. The problem is, I have to use the Public folder currently to do so, which works fine. (When I click on the icon for my PC on the media app on the TV/Phone, it can only see files in the Public folder.) Problem being, I have a ton of media and the drive with the public folders on isn't big enough to put everything in one place. I have my Windows OS installed to a small SSD, and have a large HDD to store all my media files. I want to access these media files from my phone or TV.

Is there any way of making a folder on my PC visible to android apps like UPnPlay, or to my Smart TV, or some way of including a folder on a different hard drive in the 'Public space'? Any help appreciated.

Solved it myself, but for anyone interested here is the solution:

Start a homegroup on your PC, and add your videos/pictures/documents libraries to the homegroup. (Don't worry about the password thing for now.)

Then right click the folder you want to be visible and click 'Add to library' --> videos. Then it will be visible for you there.

Happy streaming

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