mediaplayer error in windows 7 home premium????

Hi....I have bought an hp touchsmart 600 which came with windows 7 home premium....And I must say I loove windows 7. My only problem(s) so far is with my mediaplayers. I can't scroll my music library through when I am listening to music without the system performance slows and there is this "crunching" sound. So when I try to minimize the mediaplayer window and scroll through it is so much better...What could this be?
And by the way...I have deleted my mediaplayer 12 and I can't find it anywhere for downloading...?


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Try this, open control panel, go to programs and features, select Turn Windows features on or off. Expand Media Features, look at Windows media player. If it's checked uncheck it OK your way out of there and then do it again checking media player this time. See attachment

okay thx for answer i'll try that as soon as possible......i will get back to this thread after having tried your advice. I suspect that it is the touchscreen and its software that might cause this little but annoying bug, and i am looking for an update at hp.

Okay, that didn't work. When i have enabled media player and media center. Now i can't open the media player and all my audio after enabling Expand Media Features. Audio files lost their mp3icon and looks like a file that needs a convertion or new software.
I am looking for a update at HP


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I know the TouchSmart series are powerful machines, but could you post your system specs here please?

Windows 7 home premium x64

model : 600-1050sc
classification(windows experience index) : 5,7
processer(CPU): Intel Core2 duo cpu/ p7450 2x 2.13Ghz
Installed memory(RAM) : 4gb

Let me know if u need more specs.



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Things seem fine there,
Have you tried to simply defragment your drive?

Things seem fine there,
Have you tried to simply defragment your drive?

I really don't think a defragment will solve my problem. I suspect that it is my touchscreen that somehow is causing problems in wmp12. I have Windows media center installed also, and it seems to work without crunching noise when I scroll. I'm no big fan of windows media center though......I want my Wmp12 to function....:(;):p

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Click start, type default programs in the search box. From the resultant window choose "Set your default programs" in the resultant window select "Windows Media Player" on the left and then "Choose defaults for this program" from there you can do a quick check of the box "select all" or scroll and select the file extensions of your choice.

:eek:Thx for trying to help, but that did not work either. I have noticed the issue is the same when media player is open and playing when i surf the net it slows down in audio function and performance, and it crunches a bit . What the h...

Hmm I'll take ths to the manufactures HP

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