Medion MD30422PV - Resolution issue after upgrading to 7, not supporting 75Hz

Hi, I have recently purchased a 2nd hand monitor off a friend, initially I jused used it for XP and can have my preferred resolution of 1024x768 without any problems and it will run on the standard 32Bit colour and 75Hz refresh rate.

I upgraded to Windows 7 Home Basic and after installing my nVidia 8600GT firmware I changed resolution to 1024x768 but it looked unsupported so I adjusted the resolution to the recommended widescreen one (Can't remember the resolution) and it would only let me go up to 60 and made everything feel sluggish and not normal.

I have searched everywhere for Medion drivers but there are none so Windows 7 will use their stupid default this I think is the reason, do you have any suggestions on how I can resolve this?

Trade Name: Medion
Type or Model Number: MD 30422 PV
Party Responsible: MEDION AG
Executed on (Date), at (Place): 18th of May, 2007, Essen


P.S. Attached user manual for my monitor.


Are you using the monitors in a dual setup? What are the navtive resolutions for both monitors? I've heard that windows 7 basic doesn't handle a dual monitor set up, just what I've heard. Have you updated/checked for the latest driver (the newest one) from GPU manufacturer website?

Im not using two monitors just one?

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Re: [langtitle=de]Re: Medion MD30422PV - Resolution issue after upgrading to 7, not supporting 75Hz[/langtitle]

OK, right click on an open area of the desktop, click screen resolution, the click resolution and set it to native/recomended resolution. Then click the advance settings, a new window will pop up, click the monitor tab, uncheck the box for "hide modes that this monitor cannot display", the select a different refresh rate, one that looks good to you. Then normal setting is 60 Hertz and the next most common is 75 hertz. Try these steps till you achieve your desired look.

Thats the thing, 75Hz was blocked out only 60Hz maximum was available but on XP it allowed upto 75 on any resolution.

I have tried tools like reforce and it would not work, before i install Windows7 again i want to know if theres a solution to get any resolution to atleast 1024x768 at 75Hz.

Ive seen other people mention you can modify the EDID or something? Alternatively should i try and choose a monitor driver so its different from just the default plug and play?

There are apparently no drivers for this monitor.


I am on XP now running 1024x768 75Hz, the reason im getting this sorted before installing Windows7 is so that its not a waste of time, I seem to remember when I had this problem after installing Windows7 it displayed a screen message when choosing 75Hz saying it was not supported, also some other resolutions left large areas of the screen black because it would not self-adjust to Widescreen.

Maybe i need to somehow find a compatible monitor from the monitor list when adding or removing hardware, i guess the default pnp is causing issues.

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