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I dont think that there is anything wrong with my media player but when I organize and update the album art info it frequently renames some of my songs. This is getting very annoying and I am wondering if there is any way that I can stop it from happening. There are times where I have to manually go in and rename my songs several times because media player has renamed it. Renameing the songs means title and album and track number. I am hoping someone can help me with this.


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within media player itself , if you go to tools, options, LIBRARY tab, then if you can see half way down you can see

"automatic media information updates for files

Retrieve additional information from the internet

untick update music files by retreiving media information from the internet

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OMG Thank you so much that fixed my problem!!!!!! Thank you!:)


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Your very welcome, Thank you for usising this site, we hope you stay on and come back, recommend us to your friemds too :)

Iam actually still having this problem. Not as bad but it still does it. Usually when I find the correct album art for a song but the album art has the track listing for the entire cd. Its typically the same set of songs it renames.


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What stage does it rename,
what are you doin for this to happen?

in tools > options > PRIVACY tab u can untick the top 2 options "display media information from the internet,update music files etc and make sure "rename music files using Rip music settings " if u are ripping a CD

it renames just as soon as i click the finish button when i find the album art to match the song. I am trying to find the correct album art so my media player is organized and I can find the songs I want to play

i will surely try unticking both n see if that helps


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good luck , let me no how u get on

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