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Yeah, so I upgraded from vista to 7 but the upgrade was working very slow, so I went to do a complete fresh install. And, well, I wanted to keep the registries for some of my installed games because I either lost the install disc or the downloaded installer, and I copied them to another hard drive. Now after the reinstall, I added all the backed up registeries from my previous install(I know, incredibly dumb) to my new install, and well, I put my backed up games back in old folders, and they worked smoothly. But, for some reason, randomly after each night, all my history gets erased. I mean all, like all the browsers, I have IE, FF, and GC, and my windows history, like the recent items, get erased.

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Hello !!

Have you scheduled some Tune up Programs like Tunes Up Utilities or CCleaner etc ?? That could be more likely the issue.

- Captain


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Hi rac,
check the setting I've highlighted just in case it's enabled..

Are you using any tune up Programs like Tunes Up Utilities or CCleaner etc? If so there might be a setting in program that is deleting memory you need to find out that setting disable it so it doesn't delete memory.


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Thx for the help ill just try system restore.

Not sure if System Restore will work or not, but it is worth a try let use know if it works!


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it almost sounds like the registry is write protected (is that possible??), in that the state changes back on reboot.


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Have not system restore yet but is there a way to make it unprotected Highwayman? Because i don't want to re-download files or buy another comp. thx n advance

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