Memory Issue on External Hard Drive Installation


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I have a Sony VGN-FZ21M laptop that it lacks an internal HDD. Wanting to use it, I have managed to install Windows 7 x64 on a USB 2.0 External HDD. There is certainly a performance decrease due to the External HDD's speed but I can live on that.

So, although the laptop has 2GB of RAM, I am constantly getting memory shortage errors because PageFile is not enabled. I tried to enable PageFile but I discovered that it can't get enabled on a USB HDD. So I tried to use ReadyBoost on a separate USB Flash Drive to substitute PageFile. But when I try to enable PageFile on the Flash Drive, I get this message:
"Readyboost is not enabled on this computer because the system disk is fast enough that ReadyBoost is unlikely to provide any additional benefit."

This is very strange cause I have only seen this message on computers with a very fast HDD (for example SSD) which is definitely not my case. :cool:

So my question is: Is there a way I can enable either the PageFile or ReadyBoost so as to solve my memory issues?

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Firstly, thanks for your answer. :D
I have spent the whole day, googling and searching for a possible solution throughout the web. It is certainly not an easy issue.
I have already considered the solution you proposed, which is certainly the easiest one, but firstly, I want to eliminate every possibility to solve this issue without spending any money.

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