Memory Management Blue Screen!!

Hi, i recently bought a Dell XPS 630i a few weeks ago, it was delivered 3 days ago, i plugged all the monitor and keyboard, mouse etc into it, and booted up..everything was already installed on the computer provided by dell..but as soon as it booted up it began a performance test..but half way through it i recieved a blue screen saying "memory management, please remove any new hardware etc..well its not had any installed by me..because it came as standard from the factory..i have rang dell technical support and they told me to run all sorts of tests..include memory diagnostic test, a system test, and a memory test from the utility partition on F2 setup screen..i have also done a repair with the windows vista backup disk i recieved and done a factory setting restore back to before i installed everything, now i can play a game no bother, all day all night, but as soon as i open up a few internet pages it seems to go to the same blue screen, its like every 2 hours or so, just restarts all the time..i was wondering if any of you would be so kind to help me solve this problem..all the machine is brand new not even 3 days old...

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A Blue screen can usually attributed to drivers especially if they are not up to date.

This link is for your model and it's drivers. Also remember to check if your bios is the latest version too:

Drivers & Downloads=

Any problems please post back...

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