Memory Problems


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I have been running into an issue lately with the following symptoms:

-I get a low memory error message frequently even though I am not anywhere near using all my RAM. Typically I will have 1.3-1.5GB allocated and my system has 2GB of RAM.
-Initially after bootup in the task manager my Physical memory shows cached+available~2GB which I believe is correct. However, after running for awhile doing some fairly substantial tasks on the system cached+available gets much closer to 1GB and hence my thoughts that this might be the source of the low memory error message. I also see the hard drive hashing away under these circumstances. Also, the Free memory is close to zero under these circumstances.
-I ran the memory diagnostic tool and it is showing no errors.
-I had a couple of odd instances a couple of weeks ago running Firefox/Silverlight video streaming where my screen became all scrambled and I had to reboot. I saw it twice and I haven't seen it since then(I've avoided running anything silverlight related under Firefox since then).

My thoughts are perhaps it's a memory problem on the machine but I wanted to see if anyone had other thoughts since it has passed all the memory tests.