Memory reserved problem

Yesterday, i had no problems with my computer. All 8gb of my ram was working fine. Today when i booted my computer, i noticed that it was running rather slow. Using resource monitor showed that 6153mb of my memory is being reserved. I dont really know what information to post for people to help me..


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Where are you seeing this? Do you mean "Hardware Reserved" has 6153MB listed under it?


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So it is showing as Hardware Reserved? Have you changed anything you are aware of? Any hardware updates from Windows Update?

You might try removing or moving around you memory to see if you can find a bad stick. I have not see a system that had such a problem, so I do not know what the indications might be.

Edit: Be careful with static electricity if you move your memory... Just in case you were not aware.


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Yes, it is hardware reserved memory. When i try to boot the computer using 1 ram stick at a time, the computer cannot boot, but the fan keeps going on and off. All three of my ram cards have the same effect, but when i plug all three in at the same time, it boots with 6gb of hardware reserved.

Yes, it is a 64-bit version. I managed to fix it yesterday by taking out the ram and putting it back in again. I'm now seeing almost 8gb of memory usable now. Not sure why it didn't fix itself when i did the ram checking. Maybe it was dust problem.

Thanks everyone for your support!


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Not sure why it didn't fix itself when i did the ram checking. Maybe it was dust problem.
I don't see how reseating the RAM fixed it. Your system was detecting the full amount before - it just was not properly allocating it, or so it seems.

RAM checking does not "fix" RAM. It just [most of the time] detects bad RAM.

I don't see this being a dust problem either. RAM slots are tightly tensioned - they really grip the module's electrical contacts so even if you allowed heat trapping dust to accumulate and form a blanket, dust would not come between the contact surfaces. Unused slots can get dirty, but are scraped clean when inserting RAM. But here, the RAM was already inserted so the contacts should have been clean. And again, the RAM was being recognized. :confused:

Well, in my old radio maintenance days, we would call this "FM" - not for frequency modulation, but for a certain type of magic! ;)

Anyway, I am glad you got it sorted out and thanks for the followup.

I think I've found a trend here on my side. Seems that every time i don't turn my computer on for a day, this problem emerges. Looking back, it seemed that this problem always occurred after i came back from holiday. The problem happened again today as yesterday i didn't turn my com on at all. Is this a 100% certainty that it is dust?


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So the problem never went away?

Leaving the computer off for some time should have no bearing on this problem. After a computer has cooled down, it does not get cooler if not used longer so heat is not an issue there. Dust only matters when it accumulates enough to form a heat-trapping blanket, or when it interferes with proper fan rotation or air flow.

How old is this computer? If more than 3 years, you might consider replacing the BIOS battery. To do this, you unplug the computer from the wall, touch bare metal of the case interior to discharge any static in your body, then, after noting the polarity, remove the battery. Replacements can be found at most any camera/watch/battery counter. Most likely, it is a CR2032 wafer (coin-type) battery. Take the old battery with you as most counters will recycle the old. These batteries are typically just a couple dollars so if not the problem, little is lost.

Do not touch the new battery with your bare fingers. Skin oils promote corrosion and attract dust. I put a clean sock over my hand. Then replace the battery, again noting the polarity. Reconnect power and immediate boot into the BIOS Setup Menu and reset the date and time, and verify your RAM and drives are properly identified. Then Save and Exit to boot normally and hopefully, that will resolve your problem.

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