Hi Guys,

This is my first post so sorry if I don't provide all the details you want at first. I'm a complete computer novice!

Since I did a reformat and re-installation of Window 7 (due to another now fixed problem) in January, I have had frequent BSOD's which happen a few times a day or/and weekly(ish). I don't seem to be doing anything in particular when it happens; either playing on a game, emailing or just doing work on a word processor. I've noticed sometimes (not all the time) my mouse stops working after the BSOD and I have to unplug and replug to get it to be recognised or the driver to be reinstalled automatically.

I downloaded Bluescreen view and that shows that a lot of the errors are caused by a driver called ntoskml.exe. I've read some other posts suggesting that this is an integral windows program and the error must be due to more complex reasons. I'm just confused.

I have previously run a windows memory test which found nothing. I've run the computer on one of the sticks of memory at a time with no faults (two sticks of 4GB).

I have put all my computer specs on my profile as one of the intro stickies suggested. If you can't see it I'll post it on request.

I've also attached the minidumps.

Bit confused by this problem as I think it's likely to have a complex solution.

Thanks in advance and sorry for rambling on.



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I have had another crash yesterday. Can't seem to attach the minidump in a reply (it was another memory management BSOB). Would really appreciated any advice.


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