memory_management BSOD at random times


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This is a newly built computer, it worked fine with a GT710, replaced it with an RX480 now it keeps throwing memory_management and other various BSOD upon bootup or during a clean windows installation. I can confirm the RX480 works on an Intel based system that passed MSI Kombustor 15min stress test. The memory_management error first happened when applying an XMP Profile.

Initially i did a bios update and I though it was a bios issue, then the error persists, reverted back to original bios
and error is still present. Cannot do a clean install as MEMORY_MANAGEMENT will be thrown.

I've attached the dump report as according to what is needed


Gigabyte B450M-S2H V1 - BIOS F50 -> F51e - back to F50
Ryzen 5 3500X

8GB Ram stock settings, XMP profile unapplied, increased voltage from 1.2 -> 1.35v
DATALAND RX480 4GB stock settings
550W 80+ Thermaltake Litepower

How BSOD is reproduced:

- Run something GPU intensive, no artifacting noted within game
- When exiting the game, wait a few minutes that OS throws MEMORY_MANAGEMENT or some other BSOD code

- When loading youtube, edge will pop up an error stating that there was an access violation
- BSOD will appear a few seconds 10-30 ish after the access violation error, sometimes MEMORY_MANAGEMENT or sometimes SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_UNHANDLED. Can be anything

- The both have one thing in common, after a reboot, OS will throw MEMORY_MANAGEMENT upon logon or while in desktop (idle). It will persist until OS
is booted into safe mode.

Other Steps taken:

- Did clean installation which still threw MEMORY_MANAGEMENT unless replaced with a GT710
- Ran Memtest86 overnight, but it froze, specifically at test 2, only once occurrence, trying to reproduce (monitor off)
- Increased voltage from 1.2v -> 1.35v
- Did OCCT VRAM Test, no errors pass 5 minute mark, no errors within 59 minute mark, HOWEVER, a BSOD after test concluded,
- Did OCCT VRAM Test again, for 5 minutes, passed

Currently doing:

testing ram using memtest86 without monitor off


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Please list all your hardware specs with brand/make/model.

What CPU cooler are you using? What setting do you have the fan on the CPU cooler set to in the BIOS? Does your RX480 require and extra 6pin and/or 8pin PCIe power cable?


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I had a look through your dumps and as you say almost everyone is a Bugcheck 1A.

As you have already tried testing with Memtest86, have you tried running on one stick alone and see if you have a bad stick? You may find it errors out on one stick but not the other.
Also sometimes memtest86 won't produce any errors although you may still have a bad batch of RAM.

So try testing individually.

Can you test the ram in a different machine, a friends perhaps?

You said you flashed the bios, are you now on the most current?