Hello,Please help me.
ever since I tried plugging in an asus microphone, I started getting random errors first when I tried starting up vista normally it said something about not being able to find kernel32.dll then restarted and gave a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD(this one is the most common) then a few minutes ago it said pfn_list_corrupt BSOD. I can only run in safemode with networking. even then it crashes if an application tries to start up. Once again please help me.
I'm running vista sp1 32 bit. motherboard is an asus crosshair nforce 590 sli

pfn_list_corrupt BSOD can be caused by corrupt physical RAM.
Try changing the memory sticks over. Take one out and try running with one and if the problem is still the same do the same with the other.

Thank you, but before I try that, I have another thing to add. Can it be because of the microphone? I plugged it in and right after that got the blue screen.

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