Menu and Scrolling Bug? Please help?

I own an Aspire 8735G Laptop with Windows 7 64 bit.
I have had the laptop for barely 3 weeks and the following has started to occur.

The menu's within Windows do not allow me to scroll through them. As an example, in the Power Saving window, when I click on the drop down menu to change the amount of time I want my laptop to switch off or dim, the options quickly count down from the point where I click it to 1 minute. It does this everytime.
What's worse is that it was only the Power Save Options that did this to start with. But now is spreading to practically any window of options within Windows, not allowing me to change or alter anything. The only way to ensure nothing it does is saved, I cancel the window.
This is also affecting the scroll bar on some windows. I cannot scroll to the bottom of a page as it just pings back to the top again.

Managed to chat to one guy who suggested that it could be my antivirus that was conflicting. Uninstalled and checked and still had the same problems (tried about 3 antivirus's and none of them were AVG, have heard that's a bit of a nightmare).

Thankyou in advance for any help at all.

What are you using to scroll? Touch pad or mouse?


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have you done complete virus scan lately?

Gimpydingo - I'm using a mouse to scroll

reghakr - I'm doiing a virus scan as we speak.

Did a full virus scan but came up with nothing of note :(


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Well, if you just bought it,. they should provide free tech support.

It sounds like a hardware issue.

oh my god! that's worked a treat! It was the mouse after all this time!
I was starting to lose my mind :)
Thankyou very much for your suggestion...
I don't suppose you know of a mouse that is unlikely to cause this kind of conflict...just a wild stab in the dark? :)

No clue. Was the old USB, USB/Wireless, PS2, PS2 to USB??? Just try a different brand or different connection.

S'ok. Just found out that this same mouse was playing up on my other computer and doing practically the same things (was a wireless).
Tried a different USB mouse and is everything is working perfectly.

Thanks again!

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