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This is an awesome little app that creates a toolbar of the folder its located in. You can then pin it to your taskbar.

Using the no-install-required utility is easy enoughâ€â€￾just double-click on it to render the current folderâ€â€￾but for best results, create a shortcut and change the "Start In" field to the folder you want to show in the menu.



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Heres another one for all you toolbar people.

Application launcher WinExt adds another toolbar to the top or bottom of your screen, giving you quick access to your most frequently used applications, folders, or bookmarks.

Once you've installed and launched the application, you should see a new toolbar at the top of your screen, with a pre-defined set of menus, and your Quick Launch toolbarâ€â€￾but you can customize the menus and icons that appear on the toolbar in the settings. You can also change the theme, choosing between light and dark themes, or customizing the colors however you would like, add some system stat meters, or move the new toolbar to the bottom of the screen instead. It's not perfectâ€â€￾the notes feature is buggyâ€â€￾but it works fairly well as an application launcher.

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