I'm unable to get started using Messaging. I don't recall if when I set up Messaging it gave me the option of linking contacts to Messaging, or to do this when I set up the computer but if so perhaps I did it incorrectly.

When I open Messaging it says I am connected to Messenger. When I click on 'add an account' it lists Facebook but gives no other options. At the moment I only want to chat with one of my email contacts; I have a Hotmail account. I have tried the 'invite' option but it keeps saying 'this page is temporarily unavailable'. I'm sure this is supposed to be simple but I don't get it; would be grateful for your help. Thank you.

Are you talking about the MS software Messenger? If so that is no longer available, because MS has discontinued Messeger. Instead, you have to use Skype which MS has purchased about a year ago.


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Once you update to Windows 8.1, the Messaging app will be gone all together. Windows Live Messenger has been shutdown for months now, so to talk with those contacts you will need Skype as bassfisher mentioned. If you mean to start an email conversation, you can use the Mail app. To chat with Facebook contacts in Windows 8.1, you'll need the Facebook app. To get Windows 8.1, ensure all the latest Windows Updates have been installed, and then open the store app where it should be the first option presented to you for download.

Thanks guys

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