Windows 7 Messenger hates me~


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May 14, 2009
At first I couldn't even load the Installer.
Every time I would, it would stop and tell me to re-install Windows Live Programs.
But now, finally, the installation works.
Allas, new problem - no matter what I do, it wont sign-in.
Error code 8001012e.
"Signing in to Windows Live Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."
Doesn't really matter when I try, it won't work.
I scoured the whole damn Internet for the solution.

Urgent asistence requested~ XP

Oh, come on.
I'm desperate here.

Old versions work just fine, but starting 8.5 this problem accures.
Please, help.
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If you've already managed to install the program and it's able to at least open, try running it in compatibility mode for Vista (SP2). Simplest way to do it is to search "messenger" in the start menu so it shows Windows Live Messenger. Right click > Properties > Compatibility (tab) > Check the box 'Run this program in compatibility mode for: > Select "Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)".

Hope that helps. If even that doesn't allow it to work, your downloaded installer might have been corrupted. Download it again and reinstall (after trying the compatibility method first).
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Unfortunatly, I've tried this.
And I downloaded te installer eight times.
Furthermore, I tried updating it from an older version.
Version 8.1 works just fine, but after I upgrade it to 9 the problem accurs.
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