Windows 7 Metro 2033 - What's it like


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I have picked this one up so many time only to put it back on the shelf. Reading the box I get the idea that most of the play is done in dark areas. I never did like theses games that have these dark maps, always find I battle to see anything and it seems to spoil the whole game for me. Looking at some of the official reviews looks like it did not get such a great review


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It kind of reminded me of the Stalker series mix with a bit of Doom 3, and it's certainly one of the few games to max out Dx11 mode already... as for the overall quality of the game, well it's not terrible but it's not a top pick either, I consider it once hits the sale prices of sub £15.

For me at the minute Just Cause 2 is one of the best 3rd person arcade shooter games around at the minute if you need a fix of destruction, the game mechanics are simply fantastic and make for a fun sandbox shooter, and the Dx10 graphics are frankly brilliant, and that's hovvering around that magic £15 in a few places now.

If you need more, try the one of the best Video review/preview sites

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I was so disappointed in Just Case 2 I forced myself to play it for a weekend then gave it away. I just could not get past the terrible way the bots reacted and the graphics of them. When it came to the one that was at the bottom of the steps and came up sideways without moving it's legs that was it for me :( :razz:

However I will wait for Metro to come on sale :razz:

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