Mic does not work after Windows 7 upgrade

As the title states, the built-in mic on my Toshiba Satellite P305-S89151 Laptop does not work after upgrading to Windows 7 today. I did a Google search and saw that somene else with a TOshiba laptop was hving the same problems that I am, which brought me to here. Someone responded to his thread with a bunch of questions, so I will post my answer to those questions here:

1. The Make and Model of the Motherboard

No idea, but this is a link to its specs: Satellite P305-S89151

2. Make and Model of Sound card if it is an Add-on card

It is a built in card.

3. Operating system name Bit and Build or Version?

Windows 7 64-bit

4. Is that a New installation?

Yes, a clean install.

5. Brand name of Headset or Stand alone Mic used

It is the built-in mic next to the cam on the top of the screen. But, I tied pulling in my Logitec headset into the mic jack and it does not work either.

6. Are there speakers in this PC > details

harman/kardon® stereo speakers, Headphone jack (stereo), S/P DIF output port (shared with headphone port), Microphone jack (mono), Built-in microphone

7. Was mic working before in this PC using another OS? What OS? Does the tested MIC work in another System?

Yes, I was using it not even 2 hours prior with Vista 64-bit. It is built-in...can't use it with another system.

8. Has anybody worked inside the PC ( hardware troubleshoot)before problem began.

No, I just bought this laptop two weeks ago.

I rely on camming to talk with my friends and family back home as I am stationed overseas. Does anyone have any idea how I can get my mic back up and running? Thank you in advance!

I just found a fix: In Windows 7 -> click on Start Menu and type 'Sound'. Go to the Sound Properties then click on 'Recording'. Open the properties of the microphone (if it is available) and change the boost to MAX (+40db). This should resolve your issue.

This worked for me. Good luck!

Mic does not work after clean install windows 7 (toshiba sattellite A300)

My microphone no longer works after clean install of windows 7. I have a Toshiba A300 Sattellite laptop. I tried boosting to 40 DB but it did not work. Help!!

My USB plantronics microphone stopped working, still have sound. I have tired every workaround I can think of including modifying the registry.

If anyone comes up with a fix please share!

I recernly bought a new computer, put windows 7 on brand new everything. i have my old laptop ( dell inspiron 6400 Windows XP ) and my microphone works perfectly. i switch compters to my new one, and use my microphone and it does not work!! ( its very crackly, it works but cant understand a thing, my other computer it works perfectly) i have tried boosting but obviously that just makes it louder and hurts!!

Please help, it is very frustrating!

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