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  1. I recently purchased a Dell with Vista. My mic will not work with the new computer so I bought a new mic, still will not work. I tried turning up the mic amp and the level is up. For some reason the mic just will not work I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestion.
  2. I too bought a dell Inspiron 1501,
    My microphone did not work so i bought a new 1 and now it doesnt work. Please help! No program can detect any microphones.
  3. Same with me. I bought an Inspiron 1501 and no microphone works.. The only 1 that ever worked was the one i got from the dollar store but other than that none worked. (ive tried 3 other mics and none work).
  4. If you use Vista than mic will not work
  5. What

    What does that mean, nobody that has Vista has a functional Mic? I can't believe that would be the case. Does anyone who knows what they are talking about have any suggestions?
  6. the same problem is with me.......i am also not albe to use my mic with my vista.....pls anyone help me......how to use mic....with windows vista....

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    i bought a new comp with vista premium on too,when i connect to teamspeak or ventrilo, people say they can hear me, but im extreemly quiet. 1stly double check that your mics arent just extreemly quiet like mine. and if it is, then your in teh same problem as me, n that i cant work out how to make it louder..
  8. Fix

    I started this thread and came up with a solution that worked for me and may work for you if you are having the same problems with your mic.
    1. I uninstalled my sigmatel drivers (Vista - go to control panel - programs and features - double click sigma tel to remove)

    2. Go to
    Drivers and Downloads
    (if you have a dell) and download all the audio drivers and all the chipset drivers (i downloaded and installed 2 audio drivers and 2 chipset drivers for my Dell E1505)

    I am not a computer wizard and don't even know if this is the proper way to do things, but my mic now and I am happy.

    I think the solution is to uninstall your audio drivers, re-download and reinstall them.
  9. It Works!!!!!!


    Absolutely fantastic dude.....thanks a ton ...
    yess the above solution works. I just tried it and my mic which hasn't been working for the past 2 months is now working perfectly fine...
    I cant believe this.
    Thanks again man..
  10. solution

    Yess the above solution works. simply download the drivers and chipsets and install them. after you install restart. Theres no need to uninstall the previous drivers.
  11. mic not working in vista

    hi guys im a dell technician i just want to clarify the solution posted, you will just have to remove sigmatel and download sigmatel driver in support.dell.com, choose the one for vista of course.
  12. I thought this work-around would work... But there isn't any drivers for vista, for my inspiron 1300. Sad but true :(
  13. Does anyone know if this will work for Gateway? I'm having the same no mic issues.
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    Hello, I'm new to this stuff so if I don't use the proper computer etiquette please forgive me.

    If i do this fix will I be able to hear my voice through the headphone jack when I speak through the mic. Thanks
  15. What if I don't have sigmatel to begin with? :\

  16. Exactly what I was wondering. I was just assuming that they were either already uninstalled by a person or program or just not on this model to begin with.

    Correct or no?
  17. Halo

    I do not have sigmatel or some kind of mic drivers, i had windows XP before on my computer but know i have changed it to windows vista but my mic wil not work? the audio is fine but the mic is dead, which kinda driver do i have to install to make it work? hope you could send me a e-mail with the anwer birry-boy@hotmail.com
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    Have you checked that the mic is enabled in your sound properties? I'm pretty sure it's off by default.
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    Re: Halo

    Toshiba boy... I did a little checking and this is what I found. Toshiba talks about the Toshiba Mic Effect For Windows Vista " Utility Mic Effect" Download 25928Aexe. Not to be used without the correct Driver Download. Something about an echo-- Vista 2007. You might want to call your Toshiba Support Number 1-800-457-7777 ( The Problem Is With XP Also) -I've also heard that on some Toshiba laptops, they have the ability to support a microphone but don't actually have one built in.-
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