mic setup failing

Hi there ,

I haven't used a mic in a long time , but am trying to setup one now in Windows 7

I have Creative X-Fi soundblaster (SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio) installed correctly and inserted the mic jack in the correct hole . Now when I open Windows 7 voice recorder , and press RECORD , it states that there is no audio recording device present/can't find audio device.

Then when I go to my "sound" options and "record" section , I see the microphone but it says grayed out below it " currently not in use or / cannot use at present "

I do have S/PDIF-In (SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio) set to "ready" not sure what it does.
there's also a line in .


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On the page in sound you seem to be looking at, if you highlight the microphone and click properties, there should be a box on the bottom that says "enabled" and it should show which plug the microphone needs to go in. Windows 7 will normally recognize when the mic is plugged in and change its settings. If you do not see that, something may not be loaded correctly.

Since you have an extra card, there may be extra settings you need to check on a Sound Blaster mixer. I have not used an external card with Windows 7, so I have no experience with that.

If you have a computer with front and back plugs, both may not work.

Just so you will know, many folks have had problems using a microphone with sound recorder. It usually works, but the input volume is normally very low.

When I did what you suggested in Microphone - properties , I do see at the bottom "device Usage" and two options ,
"Use this device - and or don't use this device" it was pre-selected to USE.

No change in behavior . In my creative software options there is no recording options ,,,

I've selected the microphone as the standard recording device and standard device (sorry some translations may be lost , I am using Korean language Windows 7 currently)

I can't use Skype in this way , and not even the Windows 7 voice recorder , is something that should work.

Any help would be much appreciated


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