Windows 7 Microphone array problem with Dell Monitor (Sp2009w) and Win7


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I’ve a Dell SP2009W Monitor, with integrated webcam and microphone. The Webcam works very well with Vista drivers, but the mic does not : it is listed in recording devices as “Microphone Arrayâ€Â￾ (Monitor Webcam),

It doe snot work in soudn recorder or in skype. However, an external mic works just fine. Any ideas.
Thank you
I have this same problem. When I look in audio devices I can see the "Integrated Webcam" but when I click on "
set up microphone" it says that the device is not setup.
I have the same problem with Win 7 and sp2208wfp. Have you been able to solve it? I don't want to roll back to Vista!
Could anyone help?
I recently bought a Logitch Webcam with a built in mic. Logitech's software would do nothing but screw up my desktop. It disabled my icons and taskbar. I was able to install the drivers for the webcam though so it works with Skype or Yahoo Messenger. The mic can barely be heard because there is no Mic Boost for it.

I also have a cheap ($5.00) computer mic that works just fine. Mic Boost works on it.