Windows 7 microphone boost


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Under windows xp i had this feature,nows it gone under windows 7 rc, my wife uses it for paltalk but without the boost they can't hear her. Is there any fix for this/ or work around. Tks


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There is a mic boost on win7 aswell. goto control panel, then "hardware and sound" go then into "sound" Go into the tab "recording" double click you mic source. then from there goto "custom" There should be able too click on mic boost.


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i am on windows 7 and there are no options or mentions anywhere at all for microphone boost. my mic is too quiet and the mic boost option does not exist on windows 7 for me


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Yeah, i have the exact problem with bretwags. Theres no option like microphone boost. Everything seems to be fine, microphone should be connected and working, but when i talk into mic, the sound bar doesent move or anything.
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There are a couple ways to get to Mic Boost in Windows 7...

Rt Click on speaker icon (taskbar by clock) > Recording Devices - you get a (Sound) window, Microphone @ the top, highlight it, hit Properties button (bottom right corner), select Levels tab.. you will (now) see 2 sliders, 1 for volume & the other for boost.

OR type Sound in Search OR > Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Sound. End up @ same as above. So @ least 3 ways.

Anyway it IS there (in Windows 7).


I know is there... But I can't drag it. Have you read the other post I made?