Windows 7 Microphone issues


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Here's the issue. My microphone was working about 20 minutes before I posted this. I went into recording devices to enable system sounds so that I could play a song through Skype and system sounds weren't there. I disabled my microphone to see if that'd make it re-appear, but it did not. Instead, my microphone disappeared altogether. Now, the strange thing is, i had my microphone plugged into my front microphone jack. I pulled it out, and put it into the rear jack and it worked, but system sound was still missing from the recording devices list.
By the way, don't tell me to update my drivers. Already tried that twice. Nothing.
My Microphone does in fact work. As I said, I was just using it and as well plugged it into the rear and it worked. Any help?

Just fixed it. I tested around for about 2 minutes, right clicked, then showed disabled devices. I got it. For anyone that has the same problem I had, well, there's your solution.