Microphone on Headset Only Feedbacks

This happened yesterday. My Mic was working fine in the morning and in the afternoon it no longer records. When it activates there is only feedback of what I hear from the system. I did not do anything to the setting of upgrading or installing anything new.

At first I thought it was just settings on my ventrillo, but after some testing I found out the problem is system wide. If I use the sound recorder from accessories it only records the sounds from the system like the youtube video I'm playing instead of what I'm saying into the mic.

I have tried everything I could think of. I have checked the connection (fine), check if the device is working (green check marks) , downgraded the driver (re-upgraded now), even did a system restore. Nothing seems to work.

Right now in the recording tab under sound in the control panel the microphone has a green check mark but the bars on the side only lights up when there is a system sound playing. It lights up the same way the headphone does. I assume it should only light up when the mic picks up sound.

Can anyone help me?


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I have tried everything
Including another mic? The first thing I would have done is make sure the mic connection is good. If so, then try another mic to make sure it is not the mic, cable, or connector - which are all mass produced, low tech, and not very robust.

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