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I have tried to get the drivers for this, but to no avail, microsoft tells me i have to install some active x thing, then i do that. and it then tells me i have to have administrator rights. which i do. so i cannot get the download . any ideas here. i have just downloaded service pack 2 for vista, it is now installed and i also put in ie8, even those upgrades did not help me. now i am worried of upgrading my laptop. since my desktop has the error.

it also showed some inknown device. which i had none installed so i deleted that.

i did disable the 6to4 thing. but it keeps coming back with a different number.

does anyone have any ideas all would be appreciated.



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Hi Susan,

it sounds like what your describing is a network device.. checkout this link for possible solutions:

microsoft 6to4 adapter

Any problems post back..


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thank you kemical.

This is happening on my desktop. and i do not have wireless access or a wireless card there. so i am assuming from what i read, i can just ignore it. i will check out my laptop now to see if i have the error there. then i will install service pack 2 for vista, and check again.

hopefully all will go well. and no error will be found on the lappy.

thank you

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