Microsoft anti-virus software dawdles over updates


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Under certain circumstances, Microsoft's recently launched Link Removed due to 404 Error (MSE) security solution fails to download updates for several days, despite new anti-virus signatures being available on the server. As a result, the software no longer offers adequate protection against new malware. These are the results found in tests run by The H's associates at heise Security for the latest edition of the computer magazine c't.

The tests showed that, despite being connected to the Internet, under certain circumstance MSE fails to download updates for up to seven days. The phenomenon was reproducible, occurring, for example, on a laptop which was regularly placed in sleep mode by closing the lid. On resuming from sleep mode every day, MSE assured the user, even after more than an hour online, that anti-virus and spyware signatures were up to date and that the user was protected.

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so the only way you can get the latest updates is if you manually check for them on the user interface?


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I have no idea how they obtained their figures but, from my own use, I have not had their bad experiences. I have been using MSE since its first release for Beta testing. By default, it downloadsa new definitions on first boot or on a daily schedule. This is exactly what it has done for me. I suspect the testers have their Windows update schedule wrongly configured.
Here is my own most recent record. The white out is my own making to hide personal data. The gap in updates is due to a recent period of holiday, from which I have just returned.

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This is a very credible source RAK,

I'm sure it doesn't happen to every computer user, but does exist.

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