Microsoft cleanup FUBARED MS office, is there a fix?

I was having a problem upgrading from Adobe CS3 to CS4 so I downloaded and ran MS cleanup as suggested. The first thing I noticed was that half my desktop Icons were missing, the programs are there and work but all the icons that were in the \**\install\* dir were gone.

The second thing I noticed was that MS Word no longer worked. It was the first icon on my DT as I use it all the time. When clicked I recieve the msg that Office has been corrupted and to reinstall. Ok, no prob I grab my office 2007 CD and try and reinstall only to be greeted with: Error 1402. Setup cannot open the registry key. WTH? So i search the net for a solution and find that this is a commen problem with W7

It get's better, I start checking other programs whose icons are now missing, most work fine but a few such as Fallout 3 now have the BSOD on startup. After reinstalling drivers, programs and everything short of a wipe, reformat and reinstall of the OP system (which I would have done if Best Buy would have exchanged my W7 dvd for Vista) I still have the problem. So having 2 papers do this afternoon, I try and download Open Office which will not install, So I downloaded a trial of Wordperfect which did install but is glitchy with W7.

Seeing a pattern I went to my shelf and tried installing programs I have from sketchup to 3DS and what I found was that any program that needed hard registry permissions or root folder access would not install, anything that I could install to the public folders did.

So after three days of fighting this I came to several relizations, from whomever thought it was a good Idea to set W7 folder security to the point that a person on their presonal system does not have the right to access much less modify the files/folders on thier own system needs to be slapped with a tuna (hard), to OMG people are being forced to buy systems with W7 and then drink the coolaid.... but I digress.

On to the main questions;
Is there a way to turn off, not slide down, but actually turn off the UCS in W7?

Is there a Fix for the MS Office crash to completly remove it from the installed Program list or at least a way to re-install Office (since W7 does not accept MS Office as a trusted source it will give it the permissions it needs :confused: Then again W7 is simply sharing the view of a multitude of people :p)

Is there a MS Fix tool for W7? All of the MS fix tools give the same error "This tool does not support your OP system" :rolleyes:


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What is this "MS Cleanup" tool you used?

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