Windows 7 Microsoft Comfortmouse 3000 - wheel works improperly


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Jan 11, 2009
Upon upgrading vista to windows7, I notced my mousewheel was acting strange. In some applications, such as mIRC, the mousewheel will not respond unless I move it continously very quickly, in which then causes it to overscroll. Basically, no scroll or too much. No in-between. This behavior also happens to me in the control panel, when 'viewing all items'. It works ok for firefox and some other apps, but it's still kinda unresponsive here and there. The wheel worked fine in XP and Vista.

Note, I did try to install windows 7 mouse drivers that were released for this mouse, but it did not fix the problem. Is it because I'm not using a fresh install? Or does this particular mouse have problems?
Laser Mouse 5000 scrolling doesn't work either

My Laser mouse 5000 also does not scroll properly. It barely responds at all in ANY application - Very slow, erractic scrolling. I have adjusted scrolling speed to maximum and it doesn't change it all. I tried it without installing the Intellimouse drivers and just let Win 7 pick the drivers. I then installed the Intellimouse drivers and it still doesn't work.
I found Win 7 beta drivers for my Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard that fixed the problem.
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