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I have a CD that I can't access because it says I need MDAC. The CD says it will install but it cannot, it tells me to log on as administrator but I already am. I have looked for a download but can't find one that is compatible with Windows 7. Can anyone help. Not too technical please i'm not very computer literate.

You could install from this link, although it doesn't say it's for Windows 7.

It should be alright anyhow is a good guess. Also guessing your software that you're trying to install is older, heh?

Download details: MDAC 2.8


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Thanks for your reply, I did as you suggested but I am still getting a message telling me I don't have admin rights. I have actually been on to Packard Bell support and they didn't seem to have any ideas other than that although my user login is that of administrator they seemed to think that I did not have all administrator rights but didn't actually tell me how to check that out. The disc did work on my old laptop that was running windows 2000 and XP but it is slow and keeps switching off. Another message that I get is checking installed databases but I don't actually know what that means.

The problem could be that Windows Vista and Windows 7 use DAC instead of MDAC.
It could be the reason why it will not install for you. The software you're trying to install may not be compatible with Windows 7.

Which software is it?


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Thicko that I am I don't know which software it is or how to find out. It is a Hospital disc with scans and x-rays on so has nothing written on the disc to help me.


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I could only guess, but if it is medical data, there may be some utility needed to allow it to run. Do you know any place the media can be read?


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I have just gone onto a medical website and downloaded a free DICOM viewer and that has been successful. But anyway thanks very much for your replies. Wendy

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