Windows 7 Microsoft Game: Age of Empire Gold Edition


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Hello folks. I installed the MS game Age of Empire Gold Edition but it's slow and also shows an error:

The game itself works but sometimes it stucks (it also happens on any video).
Audio is a mess, it gets stuck sometimes!!!

Any suggestions?? :(

HP Pavilion dv1000
- intel celeron 1.40 ghz - works just fine
- 1GB of RAM
- intel 855gm graphics - works just fine
- all the rest works fine
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Go to microsoft games and download the upgrade/patch for the game. It will run good in compatibility mode for win 98. Celerons processors are notorious for being slow when running rts (real time strategy) games,especially the lower speed processors. I've also had to reinstall the game several times as I've progressed from one operating system to another. A good alternative to Age Of Empires is Empire Earth. I'm currently running Windows 7 RC and they work just fine with this OS.


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As long as your problem is concerned I suggest diagnosing the problem with the help of System File Checker, Windows Memory Diagnostic and System Restore. You just follow the steps given below and check if the problem still persists. Download hotfix if the problem still persists.

Optimize Background Services:

1. Click Start, point to All Programs | Accessories | Run.

2. Type “Services.msc” (without quotes).

3. Click OK button.

4. Scroll down, locate and right click an unnecessary services item and select Stop.

Clean Boot:

1. Click Start, select All Programs | Accessories | Run.

2. Type “MSCONFIG” (without quotes).

3. Click OK button.

4. Under General tab uncheck “Load startup items” checkbox.

5. Click Apply | OK.

6. Reboot your machine.