Microsoft Gives Green Light to Early Windows 7 PC Sales (CIO)


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Microsoft has given small system builders the green light to start selling new Windows 7 PCs more than a week before the general launch date of Oct. 22, a Seattle-area computer maker said today.


This is definitely good news!! :) It will be interesting to see the sales figures for 1 week before the Worldwide Launch of Windows 7.. ;)

What is strange is.... I have been using 7 for so lon now, it just seems like it is already available, or that we should be seeing all software say 7 ready.

Kinda like 7 is old news, but hasn't even been released yet.

I know what you mean.. But that's a good thing.. ;) It just means that Windows 7 truly is that good of an OS.. If it wasn't we'd be looking forward to the official release a lot more then we are.. ;) Or looking forward to Windows 8 more then we are at this point in time..


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That article/link, is getting around and is being quoted adlib by the cynics.

I always take time to muse over item 3.

It is a totally valid point. I thought Win98 SE was about as fast and as good as I needed, but I moved on. But then, computers are my main interest and were very much a part of my working life.
But, at least 25 years ago, I ran a car which, for my purposes, was perfection. Since then I have owned 5 later models. My present one has some gadgets which were only a dream 25 years ago. It runs abou 50kms/h faster than the earlier model, on roads where the speed limit restricts me to the speed of the 25 year old car. (Like my budget and ISP!!) Without any of those gadgets, the car would not deteriorate in the slightest way in it's basic performance.

But I love the feel and useage of my new model. Perhaps the majority of interested users , computers or whatever, are gadget, or update freaks, like me. I will go on, until senility, updating kitchenware, cars, even garden tools, and face the cynicism of my family and friends.

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