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I recently recieved an email from Microsoft about a guide they have recently released for 7. It's by no means huge but still contains some handy tips...

To help you get the best out of Windows 7, Microsoft has produced a short guide, which we're passing on to you. It's a PDF full of helpful hints, tips and how-to information; download your Guide to Windows 7 here (802 KB).download your Guide to Windows 7 here (802 KB).

Cute and colorful guide. :)


I'd like to add Microsoft Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts, which I personally often forget:

Master List of Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Managing Windows
[Win+M] – Minimize all open windows
[Win+Shift+M] – Undo all window minimization
[Win+D] :- Toggle showing the desktop
[Windows+Up] – Maximize window
[Windows+Down] – Minimize windows / Restore
[Windows+Left] – Dock window to the left side
[Windows+Right] – Dock window to the right side
[Windows+Shift Up] – Maximize vertical size of window
[Windows+Shift Down] – Restore vertical size
[Windows+Shift Left] – Move window to left monitor
[Windows+Shift Right] – Move window to right monitor
[Win+Spacebar] – Aero desktop peek
[Win+Home] – minimize/maximize all inactive windows
[Alt+F4] - Close the active window
[Alt+Tab] - Switch to previous active window
[Alt+Esc] – Cycle through all open windows
[Win+Tab]- Flip 3D
[Ctrl+Win+Tab]- Persistent Flip 3D

[Win+Any number (1, 2, 3, .., 0)] – open the corresponding taskbar pinned program
[Ctrl+Click a pinned taskbar icon] – cycle through the program’s open windows
[Shift+Click a pinned taskbar icon] -run a new instance of the program
[Ctrl+Shift+Click a pinned taskbar icon] – run a new instance of the program as administrator
[Shift+Right-click on icon] – Show window menu (Restore, Minimize, Move etc)
[Shift+Right-click on grouped icon] - Show window menu (Restore All, Minimize All, Move All etc)
[Win+T] – Cycle through applications on taskbar (showing its live preview)
[Win+Shift+T] – As above, but in reverse order
[Win+R] - Opens Run dialog box

[Win+P] – show presentation mode projector options
[Win+G] – show desktop gadgets
[Win+L] – Lock computer
[Win+X] - Mobility Center
[Win++] - Zoom in
[Win+-] – Zoom out
[Win+=] – Magnifier

Windows Explorer
[Alt+P] - Show/hide Preview Pane
[Alt+Up] - Go up one level
[Alt+Left/Right] - Back/forward

Master List of Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut | Windows 7 News

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