Microsoft ignores IE slide, touts IE9 success on Windows 7

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    Chrome and Safari continued to chip away at Internet Explorer's usage share last month, while Firefox remained stalled for the fourth straight month, a Web statistics firm has said.

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    And IE's usage share will continue to be chipped away, as MS made a fatal mistake with IE9. Unlike Chrome, Safari, Firefox & Opera, MS excluded over one half of the computing market (XP users) from receiving IE9, as well as the latest Windows Live packages & the latest Windows Media Player. MS is determined to force those who wants the latest Windows features to pay the MS "tax".

    While I'm fortunate enough to have Windows 7 Pro on 2 computers, many users are not. MS promised to support XP until April 2014, and should hold their word. And I mean more support than security updates. Remember, it was XP that kept MS afloat during the Vista years, which did give XP some added life, but it wouldn't hurt for MS to support those who stuck with them through thick & thin a little better.

    No company can ignore 50% of their user base & expect their apps (or products) to climb the charts in popularity. In fact, about any other company that ignores that many customers would probably be out of business in a short time.

    So Microsoft, ignore on. The lessons of the browser wars of the 90's seems to be forgotten by those in charge now.
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