Microsoft Locks Horns with OnLive over Windows 7 for iPad


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OnLive’s recently launched Windows based apps for iPad and Android tablets are being downloaded like something “revolutionary”. But Microsoft has locked horns with OnLive over violation of its virtual licensing agreement.



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I love it! Apple's going to get sued. One day, and it won't be long, their $500+ stock prices will begin to nosedive. For the time being, Apple is still riding off of Steve Jobs hard work. While I was never an Apple fan, I did like Steve, were it not for him, Apple would have been gone long ago. He also threw the Sony brand into deep trouble, without a computer device at all, defying those who thought it couldn't be done.

Hell, Tim Cook could hardly get through his 1st presentation, important events that Steve could breeze through. Let's see how he handles the wave of lawsuits that's sure to come Apple's way.

Not to mention the constant backlash in the news that Apple is not providing the best possible work environment for those who assemble it's so called "1st class" products. None of it's rivals (Windows OEM's) operates in such conditions. Speaking of which, this was Tim Cook's idea, as Apple computers were built in the US. He submitted the idea (to outsource the jobs) to Steve, who (along with the board) approved of the deal. Still, it was Cook's idea to outsource these jobs, so any backlash should be directed his way.

After a couple of more product cycles (that Steve already had already cast in stone), we'll really see who got things done, and then things should become interesting. Apple will really have to drop prices to compete with Windows OEM's, Amazon & Google. Then the $500 stock will begin to fall.


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