Microsoft .net issue

when my computer starts and the desktop shows i get a message box in the middle of the screen (required system software not installed) in title bar. in text box says " Microsoft .net framework version 2.0 required to continue. the software is available for download at httpbla bla bla.
I tried to download it an when i try to install it it says that it is already in the OS and does not install. :mad:

anybody else have this problem? anyone help me? thanks in advance.

widows 7 ultimate 64 bit build 7600


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Try installing this:
Download details: .NET Framework 3.5

If it fails, run this un-installer:
Download details: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Uninstall Tool

Then try again..

If the above fails, then you could try 'system restore' and go back to another time.
Just a few questions if your still having problems... Did you 'upgrade' or do a fresh install?
How fast did you burn the 7 iso?


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Excellent ideas Kemical.

I wondered if he could check msconfig to see what programs are loading at startup.

Some older apps do require the 2.0 version, but it should be there by default.

only apps

the only apps that i have loded are cpu-z , amd overdrive, lexmark printer software,ati ccc and drivers for hd3300and hd3450 in hybrid crossfire and microsoft security essentials. maby one of those is not installed right cus the .net is there, so it says when i try to install it. and did system file checker and no problems. i think im gonna uninstall all programs driver clean and reinstall one at a time and see wich one is the problem:mad:

sorry didn't take time to read all your reply kemical.
i did clean install and i have windows 7 ultimate signature edition that i got from house party for being a host. :rolleyes:
man i was stoked cus i never win anything!




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Try going to msconfig, and disable all entries.

Do you have a good anti-virus program, spyware detector, and personal firewall?

Havey ou perfoprmed a complete virus scan on your computer?

yes ive scanned with avg and MSE found nothing not even spyware im gonna try msconfig next thanks. will save me some time


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It seems obvious that a program is trying to launch on it;s own, because you are gettingt the error message with out staerting a program manually.


havent had time yet but im gonna disable them in start up one at a time and see if that tells me which app im having issues with

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