Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocols

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Networking' started by Saltgrass, Mar 6, 2012.

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    I was just browsing the new OS and wondering about a couple of network related items.

    In the Network Connections dialog window, Connection - properties, there is an option for Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocols. Presently, it is not enabled, but from what I can gather, it will be used to do NIC Teaming or Binding.

    I also notice there are settings that refer to not downloading device software on Metered Networks (PC Settings-Devices). So it seems Windows 8 will be set up to Load Balance or use Load priorities. Perhaps, if you had a 3G/4G network and a wired one, you could use the unmetered connection for most activities, or choose which network was the least expensive to do certain tasks.

    Since a couple of us have had some experience with related Windows 7 forum postings lately, it sounds like it could be a good thing. If anyone knows how to set this up, please advise.

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