Microsoft Office 2007

Well i have got a problem installing microsoft office 2007, thing is as i was installing office 2007 there was a power outage and the installation got interrupted when it was more than 50 or 60%. Now i cannot use it or install it again, i cant repair it and i cant remove it nor can i add other features to it. I am literally stuck with it.
Can anyone help?
Really need to do some work with it.


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At this stage I have no wish to experiment with my own installation, but , for the thread, what symptoms do you get if you reinsert the CD and try to reinstall? I would not have thought there was a problem???

It gives me the options of add/remove features, repair and remove. None of them works, all the processes start but around 70 or 80 % setup gives me an error and stops the installation.


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Try this:

Open the command prompt (Right click and select "run as Administrator" )

Type cd “%allusersprofile%\ Application
Data\Microsoft Helpâ€Â￾ and then press ENTER
Type attrib -h rgstrtn.lck and then press ENTER
Type del rgstrtn.lck and then press ENTER
Type exit and then press ENTER.

Now run the MSOffice cd agai and reinstall Office 2007 , hopefully, it should now finish.

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