Microsoft Office 2010 beta Problem

I Have installed MS Office 2010 Beta But Now Whenever Tries To open my Excel file "There was a problem sending the command to the program"
Error appears This is strange as I am working in excel more than 6 years I have naver faced such problem and recently Before Beta I was using office 2010 Pro Without any
problem , To slove the problem I have gooled and find same problem in Office2007 and tried differet solutions but didnt work , As Today I have Uninstalled the office and again fresh reinstalled but problem remains same

do you have recent Backup image? maybe you could install a backup to a time before the problem occurred, However any 2010 is beta and it is never wise to use a beta as your primary program. I have the 2010 Office Beta on a test machine. I use Office Pro 2007 on my primary machine.

Yes I have System Image When I was using office2010 pro Without problem But It is Not recent It is when just I installed WINDOWS7 and Office2010 But I feel fear that if Install that System Image
My all New programs Installed will not be available as they were installed after system Image Created


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Are you able to open excel in Windows safe mode, or by clicking the .exe direct from the Windows Explorer?

If you can, in any way, accomplish this, then go into your Options, then Advanced, then in the "General" section, and remove the tick from "Ignore other appliations that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)".

Maybe I misunderstand, You do know that any version of Office 2010 is Beta there is no final version on the market yet. What version of W7 are you running? Yes if you install your image you will loose all programs and data that was installed after the image was created. But you can still save the files those programs created, before installing the image. I personally do a complete backup of my computer weekly and have 3 weeks worth of Images on an external HD for this reason.

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