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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by Anesthetic, May 29, 2012.

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    In the old Microsoft Word 2003, the user is capable of printing an address on the envelope with an associated bar-code to make the USPS sending process go much faster. I believe this was accessed through E-postage properties.

    On Word 2007, for some reason, the same functionality is absent. Word 2007 allows you to print an address, however; only absent the bar code. Is there a way to put this functionality back in 2007 or is there an alternative way to activate it?

    When accessing E-postage properties through the 2007 version, it's saying that you have to install a third party application. That's funny, because that's not what results when this same option is selected through the 2003 version.:confused:
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    It seems like E-Postage is a paid service to add postage to your envelope. I would agree you probably need to install some utility to do that.

    If you just want to add a bar code to your envelop, check out the link at the bottom. It seems to state the bar codes used in Word 2003 are no longer compatible with the USPS. It then gives some alternatives.

    Word 2010 Envelope: How do I get a bar code below the address? - Microsoft Answers

    You can also check help for Word 2007 and search for bar codes.

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