Windows 7 Microsoft Security Essentials Version 2.0


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Been using it for nearly a week now, seems largely fine from what I can tell apart from a issue relating to opening my custom jumplist for my games, which now take 5-10 seconds to show icons, something that never happened using Avast x64.

As for performance, seems fine, although a forced scan doesn't use much cpu time unless on the sheduled mode which lets you specify a CPU limit, resulting in a rather slow scan, would have been nice to have to be able to force to 90% CPU on a forced scan. I can complete a full deep scan with malwarebytes and Avast in less than half the time due to this minor missing option.

Other annoyance is the definitions updater is linked to windows update which as I don't have that on auto install means I have to click to update manually, been nice to hve the updater work as a separate entity like Avast's one does.

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Under scan settings you can change CPU usage from 50% to 90% or even 100% or 10% there are various settings available for the user


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That only effects Sheduled scan, not forced scans, or why else is it placed on sheduled options only? that said if it does work for all scan modes despite being in the wrong option screen, why not have a force to use max not just "limit to" setting, and if thats disabled it should mean 100% allowed for usage?

I'm not really saying the app is bad, just these are features it needs.

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seriously, why they don't try to do a full suite...? (with integrated firewall, real time protection, behavior monitoring, web protection, email and IM protection...) . To do an internet security or total security suite...

Probably there is not enough experience...


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Windows already has a Firewall built in, so there's no need for MSE, produced by the same corporation (MS) to be a full security suite.

There is also realtime protection with MSE. If you go into the settings, you'll see & have options to scan email attachments, USB Flash drives/other external media, behavior monitoring & web protection.

However, it's a good idea to run a second app, such as Malwarebytes, to catch any nasties that MSE may miss. No AV is perfect 100% of the time, paid or free. If there were such an app, then we'd all be using it, & be glad to pay for it.

Why is everyone else reporting MSE as 2.0? Mine is 4.something, but it's on another computer, so I don't have quick access to it. OK, here's why, I'm running the public beta of MSE. I'll say this, it's faster, & catches more than the current stable version of MSE. Get it here:

Download, Review, Screenshots: Microsoft Security Essentials 4 Public Beta


Neither V2 nor V4-beta are available any more. V4 is officially released. It can be obtained here (and should ONLY be obtained here): Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows. Installing over the current version should be fine - but I would think not many haven't converted yet either manually or by means of the Windows Update upgrade.

But for those interested in what's next in line for MSE and have the skills to deal with what is for all intents and purposes a beta at the moment, you can check out the MSE Pre-release Program at Microsoft Connect: Download: Microsoft Security Essentials Prerelease - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details.


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Yes, I've had that latest beta for 2 to 3 months. It was released shortly after V4 was made final. Currently running it in XP Mode.


what do you think from not microsoft related software to protect your W7? I just wonder myself, if I will buy one of these applications, to get a integrated protection for my home office. Are their similar microsoft addons or are they all integrated in the W7 and security updates?

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