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Microsoft Surface


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Aug 28, 2007
A new Microsoft manufactured machine is now due to make a splash and initial interest has been high. Does the Surface stand up to inspection though? Here are a few reviews to set the scene.
Microsoft's website for it's new Surface can be found here:

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Great design is about understanding how less can be more. With device walls that measure just 0.65mm, the interior of Surface is as compact as possible. Crafted from a molten magnesium alloy, VaporMg is three times lighter than aluminium, with a highly durable exterior. Anti-fingerprint coating helps keeps Surface looking flawless.


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Microsoft Surface review | Tablets Reviews | TechRadar

Microsoft Surface RT Review - Watch CNET's Video Review

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Some good informative reading kemical, the 4th link shows the TV ad which has been airing for about a week now.
For the overall reviewed downside/cons, it's not worth the money, to me anyway, also, only being able to run Windows Store apps, not something I would really be interested in and I understand as they've mentioned, this is not for everyone and is something entirely different.
also, only being able to run Windows Store apps, not something I would really be interested in and I understand as they've mentioned, this is not for everyone and is something entirely different.

Ditto. I originally thought the Surface Pro would be a better investment, but with the pricing of the RT being a about $100-200 higher than I had expected, I don't think the Pro will be around the $800 price tag I was hoping for. I also just got a brand new i7 system, so it would be taking a step back for me.
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It’s hard to believe it’s been just over a month since Surface with Windows RT hit the market. The response from Surface customers has been fantastic and exciting to see. In addition to Link Removed at a technology conference earlier this week, we also announced that Surface with Windows 8 Pro would be available in January 2013.
Today, I want to share a bit more detail about the growing Surface family of products and Surface with Windows 8 Pro, specifically around pricing. In January, Surface with Windows 8 Pro will be available in two versions and pricing will start at $899:
· 64GB standalone version at $899
· 128GB standalone version at $999
Both versions will both include a Surface pen with Palm Block technology and include the ability to use a Touch Cover or Type Cover (sold separately).
Surface with Windows 8 Pro uses the same familiar elegant design principles as Surface with Windows RT including the Dark Titanium VaporMg casing, dual 2x2 MIMO antennas designed specifically for Surface and of course the kickstand.
However, it also has some differences.
On the inside, Surface with Windows 8 Pro will come with Intel’s third generation Core i5 processor. This chip will give Surface with Windows 8 Pro a graphics boost for its 10.6” 16:9 ClearType display that runs at a 1920x1080 full HD resolution. Surface with Windows 8 Pro also includes a full-size USB 3.0 port. Its Mini DisplayPort can drive an external display up to 2560X1440 resolution. And, as I mentioned above, Surface with Windows 8 Pro will support Pen input. This is an amazing feature for all you note-takers or document editors out there, especially since it has expanded capacitive and digitizing technology we’re calling Palm Block that will prevent your handwriting from getting interrupted if you accidently place your palm on the screen as you write. This feature is pretty cool, and allows for a great inking experience alongside a great touch experience when needed.
Surface with Windows 8 Pro will run your current Windows 7 desktop applications – it’s a full PC AND a tablet.
And all this in a PC that will weigh less than two pounds and be less than 14 millimeters thick.


Next Up for the Surface Family: Surface with Windows 8 Pro
Must say I'm a bit disappointed by pricing here. Microsoft definitely isn't looking to gain a competitive edge with Google on this one..
The reviews, or at least the one's I've seen seem positive though..
Absolutely, I've read all the great ones as well. Actually I haven't even seen a negative one yet.
I guess I'm mainly disappointed by the pricing, and not from an affordability perspective... More so by the fact that Microsoft wants to be competitive in the consumer market with these tablets, but they're almost aiming them toward the business market exclusively.

The reason I think this is because of what competitors are doing: the iPad for example is a $450 device with it's base 16 GB of storage and Wi-Fi. These prices go upward of $700 as you add in more storage and connectivity options. But they sell like hotcakes. But so does the iPhone, because people love Apple products and feel their quality construction and app ecosystem makes these products worth the royal price they're sold for.

But look at the iPad mini: where did it come from? It's branhcing off the innovation and thriving success of the cheaper Android tablets that are available, specifically the Nexus 7 with a 7" screen. The iPad mini is just under 8" and has a price tag of $329. Apple made the mini to stay competitive with the cheap effective alternatives available.

Microsoft on the other hand, choses to enter the fragmented tablet market late and launch their flagship Surface with a $499 base price tag on a brand new platform which doesn't support legacy apps (granted neither does Android or iOS) but it also only has 10 000 apps currently available, which don't include popular ones such as Instagram or Facebook.

Then there's the subject of availability: online or at Microsoft retail stores only. Fail. If there was a Microsoft store nearby, maybe I'd buy one.

Microsoft's got a long game ahead of them... As they did with WP7, which I am an avid supported of, and now have a WP8 handset.
Three negatives in my mind with the Surface Pro at this price point:

1) Amount of Ram is limited to 4 Gb

2) SSD size is 128 Gb max. This might be fine with cloud storage or USB 3 Ext. HD, but a little smaller than I would like.

3) The keyboard is extra. At this price point you would think it would include the better keyboard cover.

I do not think MS anticipates competing against other tablets. There are no other tablets that will compete yet in my mind. However at this price point nice ultra notebooks or laptops will be available with more Ram and memory.

For some of us "older pharts" I would have to try to see if this size tablet would work with our questionable eyesight, etc.
Nice product indeed. My neighbor has a 32gb. Well built and seems to be a lot fun to work with. Only wish I had the money as I would surely buy one!!!
Just purchased the 32 GB version on Sunday with a touch cover. Let me say, wow. For a device made in China, this thing is solid! The metal casing is flawless and the kickstand proves to be invaluable in class as I've now actually not touched a piece of paper/pencil all week. I can do everything in either the OneNote metro app, or the desktop version for writing equations and graphs in Math. This is the ultimate productivity device even without x86 support (which I do not miss one bit by the way). Battery life is easily the 8 hours advertised, I usually get more. I've been using this for 7 hours today with Wi-Fi on and still have 32% remaining. Well wroth the total price tag of $691 CAD taxes in. This device will serve as my primary computer until I have the cash to build one in the summer.