Windows 8 Microsoft Takes a Leap of Faith With Windows 8

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    In time for leap day, Windows 8 Consumer Preview garners early positive reviews, but we're a long way before it lands.

    Source: Yahoo! News
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    The title of the thread hit the nail straight on the head. As much as I wanted to see Windows 8, I wasn't expecting it so soon. Because as much cash flow that Windows 7 was bringing in, and hasn't even reached it's prime (6 to 7 copies per minute sold), I'm a bit surprised that MS took that leap of faith so soon.

    It's been reported, I can't verify it, but some sources says that as early as this fall, computers will be shipping, mostly with Windows 8 installed. As huge as a success as Windows 7 has been, and still is, that's quite a leap of faith.

    Hopefully, there will be a selection of computers with both OS's pre-installed on them. As much as I like what I see so far in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, I want MS to make business decisions to keep themselves secured on the market. Many business customers will not run Windows 8 in any shape or form until SP1 is shipped, which may be over 2 years away. At the very least, downgrade rights will be issued for those customers who buys computers with Windows 8 Professional installed.

    Anyway, enjoy Windows 8! It's a lite OS, consumes fewer resources than Windows 7 does, perhaps that's why they're pushing it on mobile computers.


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