Microsoft Windows 7 desktop to carry adverts?


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Adverts could creep onto your desktop with Microsoft's new plans for Windows 7 'experience themes'. The good news? You'll have to invite them in.

Your desktop could become a new shop window for brands wanting to hawk their wares as Microsoft trials a company first pilot that allows advertisers to brand parts of Windows 7.

Companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Porsche and Ferrari have already been earmarked to test these new marketing options that Microsoft calls the 'Windows Theme Experience' and 'Personalisation Gallery'.

The unprecedented move see brands adding their logos to IE8 add-ons, Windows 7 and Vista gadgets, Windows 7 backgrounds and borders, and 'audio elements'.

According to Darren Huston, corporate vice president of the Comsuner and Online division at Microsoft, “The new Windows Theme Experience and Windows Personalisation Gallery in Windows 7 allow consumers to customise their technology to reflect the things in life they are most passionate about.â€Â￾

“These are great examples of Microsoft innovation and technology coming together to enable top global brands to reach audiences in new and interesting ways.â€Â￾

The good news for the time being is that these new Theme Experiences are entirely optional. You can download them from Personalisation Gallery.

Microsoft Windows 7 desktop to carry adverts? | T3 magazine

Isn't that what "trusted sites" is also about? It's promoted as "buy only from trusted sites"

... sorta like the biblical concept of not being able to buy or sell unless you have 666 stamped on your forehead.

ROFL yeah good luck with that M$ not going to happen here on my pc or any of the other ones in my house running win7

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