Mid-September 2011 Updates

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    Today's changes may seem enormous to some of our normal members. But they have been done to improve traffic and streamline the site. You will find that core functionality is easily accessible and still around. We will be testing the current look for a little while with this platform.

    Some of the changes today:

    • Major internal server changes and optimizations.
    • Major thematic changes to our styles and templates.
    • 70 new smilies added to Windows7Forums.com (to be added to Windows8Forums.com) Smilies - Windows 7 Forums
    • We are working on user interoperability, search engine optimization, and less advertising. We hope to see changes soon in this area.
    • jQuery stream on index.
    • Removal of deprecated themes.
    We hope you will understand these changes are for the best for the site.

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